Jeff's NCAA Basketball Pool Standings

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NCAA Pool Homepage Total Entries : 181
NameChampionRunnerupRegion Champ 1Region Champ 2
1119119Bulldog LeichtVirginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Mich St (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
1119119HeKnowsAll2Virginia (29-3)Mich St (28-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
3118118Laurie StultzVirginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Mich St (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
4117117Easy StevieVirginia (29-3)Mich St (28-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
5110110Chitwood # 6Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Mich St (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
5110110Dylan SchauerVirginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Mich St (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
5110110Tom Mc #2Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
8109109JSavage3Mich St (28-6)Virginia (29-3)Fla St (27-7)N. Carolina (27-6)
9107107Pops MarekGonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)
9107107Randy Dowling 2Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
9107107Tom Mc #3Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
12106106NET RankingsVirginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Houston (31-3)
13104104Cavalier RedemptionVirginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
14102102Dwight Carrington #4Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)
14102102Ella WheelerVirginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
14102102Garry Stultz 2Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Houston (31-3)
17101101Caden S 3Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
189898John BeatschDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Texas Tech (26-8)Kentucky (27-6)
199696EDS#3Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
209595EDS#4N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
209595Tom Mc #1Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
229494Chitwood # 5Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Mich St (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
229494Darkside_2Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
229494DBadois2Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
229494John Sheldon 2Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
229494Sagarin RatingsDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
279393Amy LeichtKentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
279393Garry StultzDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
279393JSavage1N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Fla St (27-7)Virginia (29-3)
279393Rahm1Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Duke (29-5)Houston (31-3)
319292Chitwood #4Mich St (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
319292Goody IIMichigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)Mich St (28-6)Kansas (25-9)
319292Paulette CarringtonDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
319292Top SeedsDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
359191HeKnowsAll1Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)
359191JSavage2Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
379090Jslo42Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)Texas Tech (26-8)N. Carolina (27-6)
379090Pam SKentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
379090Robert MerholzN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
379090Tom Mc #4Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
418989Blind Pig 002Duke (29-5)Auburn (26-9)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
418989Kevin HMich St (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
418989Lynette E Wheeler #1Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
418989Michael Seiter Kentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
418989Nicholas ryan chitwoodDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Kansas (25-9)
418989Randy DowlingDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Kansas (25-9)
418989Terry B2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
488888Flynn 2Tennessee (29-5)Mich St (28-6)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
488888ryan chitwoodLSU (26-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Virginia (29-3)
488888TAK1Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
518787DannyRebGonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
518787Joel DayDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
518787Kevin S 1Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
548686Flynn 1Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
548686Kevin S 3Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
568585Caden S 2Mich St (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
568585Col J 2Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Mich St (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
568585dodge 2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
568585MarkCGonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
568585Tom FischerDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
618484LESMichigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Oregon (23-12)
628383Brandon LeichtN. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
628383EDS#1Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
628383Eric R MyersDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
628383vplomboDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
668282Cindy Leicht Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
668282Darkside_3Michigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Purdue (23-9)
668282Jeanne O'CGonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
668282Michael Spangler 3mDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
708181Blake Chitwood1Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
708181Captain DestructionN. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
708181Kalissa Chitwood1Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
708181Pat ClarkMichigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
708181Ron BlanchetDuke (29-5)Kansas St (25-8)Texas Tech (26-8)Kentucky (27-6)
708181Sam MarekN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Fla St (27-7)Virginia (29-3)
708181Steve MarekDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
778080Don Minning #1Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
778080EDS#2Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
778080JSavage4Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
778080Junior MintsN. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)LSU (26-6)Virginia (29-3)
778080Tyler J. SpanglerDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
827979Caden S#1N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
827979Jeff Blanchet #3Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Texas Tech (26-8)N. Carolina (27-6)
827979Johnny BeatschKentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
827979Marks shootersDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
827979Matthew Blanchet 2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
827979Meatball2N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
887878BAKDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Purdue (23-9)
887878DJB1Gonzaga (30-3)Houston (31-3)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
887878Gerald L ChitwoodDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
887878Jacob leichtN. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
887878Meatball1N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
887878Michael DodgeMich St (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Tennessee (29-5)
887878Mike LeichtDuke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
957777Blake Chitwood2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
957777Brady Spangler 1Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
957777Dwight Carrington #1Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
957777Jeff Blanchet #1Kentucky (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
957777Jeff Blanchet #2N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
957777Madison SchauerDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
957777Rich UrbzDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1027676Alex LeichtGonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
1027676Ashlie KlingerN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
1027676C ElsenDuke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
1027676Jason Arnold 2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1027676Juicer1N. Carolina (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1027676Rhonda MerholzDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1087575Amanda SchauerDuke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
1087575Jason Arnold Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1087575Justin KlingerN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1087575Landen Chitwood1Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Houston (31-3)
1087575Mark Arnold 2Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
1087575Patti D #2Syracuse (20-13)Virginia (29-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
1087575PB1Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Virginia (29-3)
1087575TAKN. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1167474Cersei must dieN. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1167474Konstantin IvanovDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Tennessee (29-5)
1167474Terry B1Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)
1197373Ashley LeichtN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Villanova (25-9)
1197373Austin Spangler 2Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1197373Carolyn MindelDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1197373Eric SchauerN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Texas Tech (26-8)Tennessee (29-5)
1197373Kaitlyn SeiterDuke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1197373Margie ArnoldDuke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kentucky (27-6)
1197373Patti DKentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Wisconsin (23-10)
1197373Terri HeidingerGonzaga (30-3)Houston (31-3)Mich St (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1277272Big BryMichigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)Mich St (28-6)Purdue (23-9)
1277272Chitwood #2N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1277272Jason Arnold 3N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Texas Tech (26-8)Kansas St (25-8)
1277272jeffchitwoodN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Cincinnati (28-6)
1277272Lauren LeichtKentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1277272Michael Spangler 2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Tennessee (29-5)
1277272NickbN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Villanova (25-9)
1277272RPI RatingsDuke (29-5)Kansas (25-9)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
1277272Tyler Spangler #3Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
1367171Carol MindelKentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1367171Dwight Carrington #2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1367171Jim Bradshaw1Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1367171Kevin S 2N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1367171Merholz, LynnDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1367171Tyler Spangler #4Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
14270705 Dollar DonationTennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)
1427070Chitwood #3Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
1427070Dwight Carrington #3N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
1427070Jim Bradshaw2Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
1427070Lynette E Wheeler #2Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1427070Mick seiterKentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Fla St (27-7)Virginia (29-3)
1427070Tyler SpanglerDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Buffalo (31-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1496969Brady Gaga - Patterson 2N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1496969GreatFunWoman1Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
1516868Don Minning #2Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1516868Nathan DowlingDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1516868T ElsenDuke (29-5)Houston (31-3)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1516868WelshkinweKentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1556767Bud ElsenGonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
1556767Chris BarrDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1556767Jared ArnoldMichigan (28-6)N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Virginia (29-3)
1556767PB2Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Fla St (27-7)N. Carolina (27-6)
1596666Eric WadeDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Virginia (29-3)
1596666Mike GutzeitN. Carolina (27-6)LSU (26-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Virginia (29-3)
1616565ArjabeKentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Va Tech (24-8)Tennessee (29-5)
1616565Brady Spangler 2Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Kansas St (25-8)
1616565brilynn89Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1616565DJB2Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1616565Mark ArnoldKentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kansas St (25-8)
1616565Michael Spangler 1N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1676464Matthew Blanchet 1Kentucky (27-6)Duke (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1676464Tom Fischer 2Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1696363Lisa MarekDuke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1696363Steven NeidichDuke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Michigan (28-6)Kentucky (27-6)
1716262David SteinKentucky (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1716262DeeAnns UKATSKentucky (27-6)LSU (26-6)Fla St (27-7)Tennessee (29-5)
1716262Eric Wade 2Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)
1746161DBadois1N. Carolina (27-6)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)
1756060Big JGonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)LSU (26-6)Kentucky (27-6)
1756060Brady Gaga - Patterson 1Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Purdue (23-9)
1775959Susie IGonzaga (30-3)Purdue (23-9)Duke (29-5)Kansas (25-9)
1785858Susie ChitwoodGonzaga (30-3)N. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Villanova (25-9)
1795656Austin Spangler 1Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)Fla St (27-7)Tennessee (29-5)
1795656Col JN. Carolina (27-6)Duke (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Kansas St (25-8)
1815050mike gutzeit2Tennessee (29-5)Gonzaga (30-3)Duke (29-5)N. Carolina (27-6)
1824848Blind Pig 001Duke (29-5)Kentucky (27-6)Michigan (28-6)Tennessee (29-5)
1834747John SheldonDuke (29-5)Houston (31-3)Gonzaga (30-3)Tennessee (29-5)
1844444GoodyGonzaga (30-3)Villanova (25-9)Duke (29-5)Utah St. (28-6)
1853535bobsmomN. Carolina (27-6)Marquette (24-9)Duke (29-5)Tennessee (29-5)